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Taxhub Review

Over the last several years, we’ve seen that tax software has become increasingly easy to use. And there are also more low-cost options available now than in the past. 

Today, some of the best tax filing software costs less than $20 for state and federal filing combined. Despite the advances, tax filing software isn’t perfect for everyone.

People with complex tax filing scenarios may want help from a dedicated CPA who can file on their behalf. Taxhub is a service designed to match tax filers with dedicated CPAs. Continue reading our full Taxhub review below to learn more about what it offers.

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  • Fee-based tax filing by a dedicated CPA
  • Securely upload tax documents
  • Filing completed within 48 hours
  • Consult with your CPA on an ongoing basis

Individual Tax Return Prep

What Is Taxhub?

Taxhub is a platform that matches private accountants with tax filers who want their returns prepared on their behalf. The company is an entirely virtual “tax office” that keeps costs low by keeping the entire operation virtual.

Although tax filing is an old business, Taxhub has some innovative ideas for the space. One unique tool is Taxhub’s automated deduction finder. This allows filers to link their bank accounts so that Taxhub’s algorithms can find deductions. On top of using machine learning, Taxhub emphasizes a clear pricing structure. An online “quiz” helps provide an upfront pricing estimate. Online chats or a quick phone call can clarify additional user questions.

Filers who opt into the service will digitally upload their documents and schedule a video call with their CPA. Once the CPA prepares the return, filers can sign it, and it will be submitted for them.

What Does It Offer?

Taxhub offers dedicated CPAs who prepare individual and business tax returns. Individuals can also sign up for tax consultations. These consultations allow people to engage in basic tax planning or tax prep scenarios. Here’s a closer look at how these services work.

Dedicated CPA

Taxhub’s CPAs don’t just work for the company — they own it. This means that tax filers who use Taxhub can opt to use the same CPA year after year. This establishes continuity and makes filing easier each year.

Taxhub dedicated CPA

Coaching And Tax Advice

Taxhub’s bread and butter is tax return prep. But the company also offers tax advice. People can pay $39 for each 15-minute consultation.

Taxhub consultations

Here are a few of the things that can be accomplished during a Taxhub CPA consultation:

In addition to these à la carte CPA consultations, filers who pay $50 extra each year can get unlimited tax consultations during the year. 

Automated Deduction Finder

Taxhub allows users to securely connect to the transaction history in a bank or credit card account. Then its machine learning algorithms can identify eligible deductions from a person’s transaction history. This reduces the amount of time you’ll need to spend preparing documents.

Upfront Pricing

Filers will know how much they will pay for their return before the CPA starts to prepare it. This prevents sticker shock once the return is prepared.

Fully Virtual

No need to mail documents. Taxhub has secure document transfer protocols in place so users can upload documents directly to their CPAs. All meetings are done virtually.

Are There Any Fees?

Tax per for individual returns start at $159 but can increase depending on the complexity of filing. For example, self-employed people who need to file Schedule C will need to pay an extra $100. And if you need to report rental income (Schedule E), you’ll pay an additional $125.

$0 for first state, $75 for multi-state filings

Business filings start at $459 but once again can increase. This is the tier that you’ll want to choose if you’re business is a C or S-corps (Form 1120 and 1120S), partnership, (Form 1065), or trust (Form 1041). Taxhub can also file taxes for business owners that aren’t U.S. citizens (requires Form 5472).

To find your exact pricing, select “Customize My Plan” from the pricing page, and check the boxes that apply to you. All plans include tax Audit Defense and a 30-day LifeLock membership for identity theft protection.

How Does Taxhub Compare?

Few large-scale CPA firms operate the way that Taxhub operates. Picnic Tax, Circle CPA, and Community Tax are some of the few competitive virtual CPA firms. Among these, Taxhub has competitive pricing and superior customer service.

Taxhub is the only firm that emphasizes continuity. With Taxhub, you’ll have a dedicated CPA who can provide off-season consultations and yearly returns. The other firms mentioned either use an “Uber” model for matching CPAs and filers or they have huge volume making continuity a challenge.

Taxhub also presses the envelope when it comes to innovation. The deduction finding technology may not be perfect, but it shows dedication to improving the tax filing process.


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Picnic Tax Logo

Individual Tax Return Prep


How Do I Open An Account?

People who want to create an account on Taxhub only need to provide a name, an email address, and a phone number to get started.

Once you have an account, you’ll have access to a secure area where you can upload files and answer questions about yourself. Account holders only have to pay for tax preparation after their tax return has been filed.

Is It Safe And Secure?

Tax documents are among the most confidential documents. They often include Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, and more. If this information fell into the wrong hands, it could be a huge problem.

Taxhub mitigates this risk by requiring multi-factor authentication and using secure file transfer protocols. By layering these types of requirements together, Taxhub makes it difficult for hackers to gain access via a “brute force” attack. Taxhub encrypts all documents when they’re not in use. This keeps data safe even if a hacker somehow breaks in to the company’s cloud infrastructure.

Frankly, the security in place seems to be much better than the typical “Mom & Pop” CPA shop, and even better than most big-name mortgage lenders.

Taxhub also offers several security features to help users become more comfortable with the platform. You won’t have to pay for a tax return until it’s been filed. Additionally, all tax returns come with an Audit Defense Guarantee and a $10,000 IRS Penalty Insurance Guarantee (Taxhub will pay penalties incurred due to inaccurate filings when the company makes a mistake).

How Do I Contact Taxhub?

Taxhub offers multiple methods to get in touch. Its customer service number is 844-829-9482 and its website has an online chatbot. Those who prefer email correspondence can email

The company’s headquarters is located in New York City. The street address is 5 East 22nd Street St. 25R New York City, 10010 US. However, Taxhub serves its customers virtually. Phone calls, email, or chat are the best options to get in touch.

Is It Worth It?

Most people don’t need a tax professional to help them file their taxes. Today’s tax software is so easy to use that even novice filers can usually manage by themselves.

But CPAs can drive a lot of value. If you have a complex individual return, or you need to file for a small business, Taxhub could provide excellent value for you. The prices, security, and turnaround time are all competitive, and Taxhub emphasizes customer service.

Anyone looking for a CPA should consider Taxhub. As a virtual CPA firm, it provides excellent value for those with complex individual or business returns.

Taxhub Features

Individual Tax Return Prep (Federal)

Business Tax Return Prep (Federal)

$0 for first state, $75 for multi-state filings

Yes for one full year after purchasing a tax prep package

Integrates With Banks To Find Deductions

None (fully virtual service)

  • Website encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure cloud uploads (no mailing of paper documents)

Mon-Fri, 9 AM to 8 PM (ET)

Sat, 9 AM to 3 PM (ET)

Web/Desktop Account Access

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