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Delta app review

Over the past five years, millions of investors have started to dabble in blockchain-based cryptocurrency investments.

Despite the surge in popularity, mainstream portfolio analysis tools haven’t prioritized integrating cryptocurrency assets. 

To meet that need, the Delta App, an “all in one” tracker is working to make portfolio analysis easier for the typical crypto investor.

Despite creating a beautiful and easy-to-use app, the Delta App development team may still be missing the mark on a valuable analysis tool. Here’s what you need to know about the free Delta app.

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  • Tracks cryptocurrencies and other assets in a single app
  • Accurately displays the cost basis of crypto investments
  • Links with many crypto exchanges and wallets
  • Can’t connect with stock brokerage accounts for automatic tracking

Basic: Free

Pro: $60 to $80/yr

What Is The Delta App?

The Delta app is technically an “all-in-one” financial tracker for investors who have both market investments (stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options, etc.) and cryptocurrency investments.

However, the app has a heavy emphasis on cryptocurrency since it allows users to connect directly to wallets while it doesn’t give them the option to connect to brokerages. The four-year-old company was founded in Belgium was was acquired in 2019 by the finance company, eToro. 

What Does It Offer?

Delta is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and analytics app. It provides stunning visualizations (which is hard to do on a small screen) and provides detailed analytics to Pro users.

Free Crypto Portfolio Tracking

With the Delta app, you can connect to crypto wallets and exchanges to accurately track the current value of your cryptocurrency investments. Valuations can be translated into multiple different stable coins.

Delta crypto tracking

Stunning Visualizations

The Delta app hypes its visualizations for good reason. The graphs are easy to use, full of information, and nice to look at. Too many apps prioritize “video game” style graphing. But Delta prioritizes utility rather than blinking and flashing.

Detailed Cost Basis For Cryptocurrency Tracking

Another benefit of the Delta app is that it provides excellent basic statistics for all of its free users. Its most important free statistic is the “cost basis” for crypto tokens. The cost basis can be used for analyzing the overall profitability of your portfolio over time.

Upgrade Option For Unlimited Account Connections

Users can connect up to two wallets and exchanges for free. But Delta Pro users can integrate as many accounts as they want. The upgraded price is $60-$80 per year depending on the operating system.

No Brokerage Connections

Delta bills itself as an “all-in-one” tracker. But the reality is that it’s not there yet. While it has built-in connections to certain cryptocurrency wallets, it has no brokerage equivalents.

Delta says that this functionality is coming soon. But, for now, stock market assets must be added manually. Thus, anyone with significant financial assets at stock brokers will probably want to use a different tracker that can integrate with them.

Are There Any Fees?

Delta’s free plan allows up to two exchange and wallet connections. But Delta Pro subscribers get unlimited connections as well as other benefits like real-time prices, advanced metrics, and the ability to sync up to five devices.

Delta app multiple devices

Delta is currently offering “Early Backer” prices on Delta Pro. So for now, it costs $60 to $70 annually on iOS and $70 to $80 per year on Android.
The Delta App website says that the exact price you pay will depend on the country where you live.

How Does Delta Compare?

Delta is a portfolio tool that specializes in cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, it fails to live up to its hype as an all-in-one portfolio visualization tool. Without simple brokerage connections, the app is functionally useless for those who have large stock, ETF, or mainstream portfolios. It should be easy enough to add those brokerages, but Delta hasn’t prioritized that yet.

Even cryptocurrency enthusiasts, especially those who actively trade, may be disappointed by Delta’s functionality. Many users complain about the lack of web integration and intermittent synchronization issues which cause the users to miss trading windows. Here’s a quick look at how Delta compares to two of the other top portfolio analysis tools available today.

How Do I Open An Account?

Users can easily find the app download links here to begin setting up a free account. Once you’ve created an account, you can link certain wallets and exchanges. If you choose to connect to a wallet, carefully choose your import methodology. This article outlines how the app manages the connection.

Is It Safe And Secure?

The Delta app doesn’t collect personal information about users. And it allows users to connect to their public-facing hardware wallets. This eliminates the risk that cryptocurrency will be stolen directly from Delta app.

Users who upgrade will have to provide the Delta app with payment information. This information is stored securely, but could potentially be hacked.

How Do I Contact Delta?

Delta has a customer support webpage with a chat option for important support-related questions. The app’s development team seems remarkably responsive to reviews in the Play Store and the App Store as well.

The company’s support email address is It doesn’t provide a phone number. However, Delta is owned by eToro which has the following customer service number: 1-888-271-8365.

Is It Worth It?

The Delta app definitely has a few things going for it. For one, the onboarding process is incredibly easy. I was able to connect to a wallet in just a few minutes and I found that the app was easy to use. And the graphics were both nice to look at and chocked full of useful information.

Despite these positives, I can’t say it’s a great app yet. In addition to stock investors, active crypto traders may feel let down by the app due to its lack of algorithmic alerts. If you have a few coins, you may enjoy seeing Delta’s visualizations. But I wouldn’t recommend it for those who want to use it for trading purposes. 

Also it should be noted that many users have complained about connectivity. It doesn’t seem prudent to rely on Delta until the app has proven to be stable. As such, I wouldn’t upgrade to Pro before spending time using the Free version first.

Delta App Features

Basic: $0


  • iOS: $60 to $70/yr
  • Android: $70 to $80/yr

Crypto Wallet Integrations

Crypto Exchange Integrations

Stock Brokerage Integrations

Maximum Daily Buying Limit

Max Number Of Linked Exchanges

Max Number Of Linked Wallets

Max Number Of Synced Devices

  • History
  • Coin Split
  • Coin Source
  • Market Performance (PRO)
  • Most Used Exchanges
  • Coin Location (PRO)
  • Fees Breakdown (PRO)
  • Good / Bad Decisions (PRO)

Customer Service Phone Number

None listed for Delta, but customers can reach eToro (Delta’s parent company) at 1-888-271-8365.

Web/Desktop Account Access

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